ASD Assessment Services

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that presents differently in every individual. There is no single “test” for ASD. Instead, a diagnosis is based on a constellation of data points collected through different sources: direct behavioral observation and assessment, review of developmental history, assessment and review of daily living skills, developmental/cognitive testing, and clinical interviews with the individual and family members. This can be a lengthy process, especially for older children or those with other cognitive/mental health concerns. Dr. Maya is an experienced assessor and ASD diagnostician. Her many years of experience working with people on the spectrum and her specialized training have helped develop a thorough and holistic assessment process.

Why seek an evaluation?

A diagnosis of ASD can open doors to important intervention services for children. While previously there was a “wait and see” mentality, we now know that ASD can be diagnosed reliably in very young toddlers. The assessment process is not simply about obtaining a diagnosis: a thorough evaluation will give us a good understanding of an individual’s strengths and areas where support is needed, as well as a roadmap for intervention services. The assessment process is often helpful for families in better understanding their child. For older children, an evaluation can provide helpful insight into supports that would be helpful in both the school and home settings and is valuable even for children who received an ASD diagnosis at a young age. For teens and adults, an assessment can help with self-understanding and self-acceptance.

What to expect?

A typical ASD assessment for children includes:

  • Review of medical and educational records 
  • Clinical interview with caregiver(s) to gather information about developmental history and current behavior
  • Cognitive or developmental testing using standardized measures to assess for developmental delays and areas of strength
  • Play-based assessment for ASD characteristics using standardized assessment protocls
  • Caregiver-report surveys on daily living skills, ASD characteristics, sensory processing patterns, and general mental health and behavior
  • Supplemental interviews with additional caregivers, teachers, daycare providers, service providers, etc.

Specific components of the assessment will differ across children of different ages, developmental levels, and individual needs/concerns.

What happens after the assessment?

After an assessment is complete, Dr. Maya writes an integrative assessment report that summarizes all of the data from the evaluation and her findings. The report includes diagnostic information as well as individualized recommendations based on the assessment. You will have a separate “feedback” session with Dr. Maya to review the findings of the assessment, the report, and the recommendations. Dr. Maya encourages families and clients to reach out at any time after the feedback session with questions that may pop up in the future. 

What assessment is right for my child?

Four assessment packages are offered based on the age of your child. If you have additional concerns that your child may have ADHD, learning disabilities, or mental health difficulties, a comprehensive psychological assessment is recommended, as these conditions require additional assessment to both identify and parse out from ASD symptoms. If you are not sure which is the right fit, you can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Maya.

What about adults and infants?

If you are an adult who wishes to be evaluated with ASD, Dr. Maya will work with you to develop an individualized assessment plan based on your concerns and needs. These individualized assessments are billed at $300/hour. Sample assessment quotes for adult assessments can be viewed here

Similarly, if you have an infant (12 months or younger) and have concerns related to ASD or social communication, a specialized assessment can be done to look at symptoms and provide recommendations. 

Child and Adolescent Assessment Packages

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